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LPG Endermolift at Aura & Miracles (review & discount code)


After 3 sessions of Lipomassage at Aura & Miracles, I tried Endermolift, which uses the same LPG machine but used for the face. If you have not read the Lipomassage post, please do as it can be rather technical to explain! As promised, here is my experience with Endermolift.

Last year, thanks to some wonderful ladies from Mary Kay and my facial lady who has like 30 years of experience, I have been learning a lot about skin and skin care. Earlier this year, I also attended a short courses on skincare basics, and was very interested in learning about aging skin, because horror of horrors, I am now in the “mature skin” category. Gosh, where did the years go??

As we age, our bodies produce elastin and collagen at a much slower rate, which is the reason behind drooping and sagging, and wrinkles. If you imagine an old person’s skin which is really wrinkly, sometimes you can pinch the skin from the muscle – that’s due to the loss of elastin (please don’t go pinching your grandmother on purpose). So elastin is like the bounciness of skin. And loss of collagen results in loss of firmness. Giving the skin a good massage every now and then helps in the production of elastin and collagen to keep the skin more youthful. You can read more about elastin and collagen in association to aging skin here (warning, very techy!).

So back to Endermolift. The treatment helps the skin to naturally increase collagen production and repair elastin. It can also increase production of hyaluronic acid of  up to 80%! I didn’t just make all that up, you can see the research here.

Ok the LPG website is pretty techy (yawn), but in short, the Endermolift LPG treatment can:

  • reduce wrinkles
  • refine pores and fine lines
  • reduce fats and double chin
  • firm, make the skin more radiant, reduce crowfeet and necklines

Firmness of the eye area and the entire face is important for aging skin, and Endermolift can help with toning up the skin. It can also help sculpt some parts of the face, so e.g. it can reduce the look of the double chin as below. And it is all non-invasive.


You can see more before and after photos here on their website.

How exactly does it work? Aiyoh, I am no industry expert (not a beauty blogger, remember?), and I don’t even know where to begin to explain what little that I do know. However, the right serums (and massaging them in), as well as treatments like Endermolift, will definitely help in slowing down the aging processes. I think it helps to take a look at the cross section of our skin:

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.20.42 pm

The 30 minute session was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. Actually I was awoken by my snorting. So glamorous right?? Do real beauty bloggers do that?? I’m a mum blogger, I am ALWAYS tired, so I shall not make any excuses for myself. Anyway, my face immediately felt more firm and it was more radiant. Pearl also noticed that my eyes are slightly uneven, with one eye “smaller” than the other, so she even managed to firm up one eye lid in a particular area, so that they would look even, and the results were amazing! I would show you some photos but I didn’t like any of the photos I took of my sleepy face 😀

Did the results last? Well I only had one session so far, and I’m sure results will vary from person to person. Aging is an ongoing process, so there will not be a one-off permanent remedy to it unless you plastic-fy your entire face (yes, I just made up my own word there!). The skin will need to continue to be stimulated to produce the elastin and collagen. Even fillers and botox only last for so long. Not long after my session, I went on a tiring 2-week holiday, and throw in some jet-lag, and late nights, lots of wine…. I am ready to go back for a session soon 😀

Aura & Miracles are offering all my readers a few special offers:

  • A 10% discount off their package price of SGD$2000 for 10 sessions, plus they will throw in 2 more sessions FOC, so that would be SGD$1800 for 12 sessions. AND if you sign up by August 31st, 2016, you will get an additional 2 sessions! Just quote MummyEd when you make your appointment.

Aura & Miracles
Delfi Orchard, #05-13 

402 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238876
T: 63338707


Disclaimer: Aura & Miracles invited me to try out their treatments. All opinions are 100% my own, as are the fats and my saggy ol’ face.

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