Playmobil Fun Park Zindorf (Munich)



As part of our Epic European Excursion, which I will write about later, we drove from Munich to the Playmobil Funpark in Zindorf, a 2-hour drive. Close to Munich (well, if you can call 2 hours close) there was the choice of Playmobil or Legoland (1:45mins drive west of the city). I decided to try Playmobil since its 1. German (if we’re in Copenhagen, then I’d have gone with Legoland), 2. We’ve been to at least one Legoland already.

And it couldn’t have been a better decision. In a nutshell, it is an amazing park that is made out of many MANY playgrounds. There are NO rides (although there is a boating area and race course), and there is nothing interactive. And this is why I loved it so much! It’s back to basics for the kids, and just some good old exploring, climbing, and yes, OUTDOOR PLAYING. The It was terrific for the kids and I loved that they enjoyed it so much!

I know many of you have not heard of even ONE Playmobil park, and they probably need to get their marketing act together. But here are some of the reasons why we liked it so much.



I totally missed out on this farm area where kids could “milk” cows!


I liked how this castle seemed ordinary, but there are structures to climb, a small “secret” passage for some adventure, a water well kids could draw water from, a few small funny mirrors, etc.


Beyond Noah’s ark is a water play area, mostly for discovering about sinking and floating objects. Unlike Legoland, this place is great for all ages, and those below 3 are not left out. There is even a section for under 3’s – the photo on the right shows the sign that points for under 3’s on the left, and above 3’s on the right.







There is an outdoor bouncy area with this giant bouncing pillow, and there are also another 3 trampolines and a playground. It is an amazing area for kids and adults, but a little too hot when we were there. This is apparently the “Active Park” with a beer garden (no German attraction would be complete without a beer garden right??). I think you can access this area after 6pm for free. There is also a mini golf course here which is payable. These sections are open until 10pm, so if you haven’t had enough of the park (which closes at 7pm), there is still plenty to do!



The kids meal is the most awesomest kids meal in maybe the entire European continent. €5.50 for a main and a drink in a Playmobil lenticular print cup that you can bring home. AND a Playmobil toy!! Is that insane?! And the pizza was good! Much better than the fish & chips. I can’t say the same for the dumpling though – we had that once at a beer hall and I’d rather eat something else TYVM. The park website is great in English, so I have no idea why the menus are only in German, but some of the young guys tending the bar were more than happy to translate for us.



If the weather is not favorable, there is a page indoor play area, and a large seating area, as well as an area where they can play with Playmobil sets the Both kids and adults 🙂 apparently this area is 5,000sqm which would be very roughly 50,000sqft.


(While these 2 were having a fun time playing their match, complete with penalty shootouts, a few other people nearby, parents and grandparents couldn’t help but smile and laugh at the ruckus. Toys certainly bring out the children in all of us.)


While the kids were playing I also spent some time at the shop. We spied some really good deals here, including his dollhouse which was originally €59.99 but slashed to €29.99; USD$69.99 on and SGD$149.99 at Hamley’s Singapore. So we bought it for 30% of the price! How not to buy?! I also liked that it was not too gender specific, and the kids loved playing without together. (Or maybe what I really meant is, fighting over it together…).

A lot of the other sets, at regular price, are almost 50% of what you pay in Singapore, so this is what we ended up with, and I regret not buying more! I always bring foldable bags so we just put the toys unopened into foldable bags and checked them in.

I do wish they would sell these awesome Playmobil beer mugs that you can get that the restaurants, and lenticular cups here too. They need to hire me to do their marketing methinks 😀 They do take a deposit for their cups and plates when you order your food, so I guess you can always take them back for the price of €2 each, which is really not bad for a souvenir. The cup that comes with the kid’s set is complimentary and you need not pay for it.
Some practicalities:

From Munich you can take a train and transfer to a bus, but that takes at least 2:30mins, and from what I read online, the shuttle bus can be rather unreliable. We rented a car from Europcar at the main train station in the morning, and had an easy drive up. The next day we drove to the airport  and dropped off our car there.

Driving was also the cheaper option: train tickets for a return trip to Zindorf from Munich station were going to cost around €50-80 per adult for the times we were looking at, which totally made more sense to rent a car since a day rental could be from €40 for a small car!

We arrived at around 1130am and it was already started to get very sunny. We went when it was not yet the local school holidays so the crowd was very manageable. Judging from the size of the indoor area, I’d imagine it could get really crowded during the summer.

After 6 hours, there were still parts to discover and things to do, but the adults had wanted to squeeze at least one short hour in at the Ingolstadt Outlet Village so we had to drag the kids away from Playmobil. The husband and I managed to score some really good deals at the outlets and really regret not having had more time to shop. But we definitely do not regret letting the kids enjoy themselves at Playmobil Fun Park. I would go back again in a heart beat!

There are apparently, also Playmobil Fun Parks in Athens, Paris (near the Orly airport, closer than Disneyland!), Florida and Malta. Their main website doesn’t link to the others (again, they could use more marketing support??).

If you do go or have been, I would love to hear your experience!!


Brandstätterstraße 2-10
90513 Zirndorf



26 thoughts on “Playmobil Fun Park Zindorf (Munich)

  1. It’s so funny how 2 hours is considered close once we are out of Singapore right?

    I think it’s awesome that the meal came with a Playmobil toy! Legoland should totally do that. The train ticket is so expensive! I would have driven too. Did you need an international driving licence to drive in Germany?


    1. At the car rental in Germany we just showed the SG license although we had the international one. I can’t remember if Germany or Switzerland requires an international one but we had it made for Italy last year anyway. The International license doesn’t even look like the most credible form of ID, it looks like it can be faked so easily! Haha.


      1. I didn’t know about IDP rules being so strict until I heard from Bumble Bee Mum about driving in Japan! We’ve been renting cars all over the world and never once used an IDP. I don’t think we even have one!


  2. This looks like so much fun. It might be a while before Japan gets a Playmobil fun park, maybe never at all, but this post got me excited about Legoland that’s opening next year in Japan. There is a Legoland in Tokyo already, but its an indoor play centre. The one being built next year seems to look more like this type of attraction. Such a wonderful outing for kids.


    1. Oh, I did not know there was already a Legoland in Tokyo! Where will the new one be?

      Would you also happen to know where I could find a few suggestions on what to do for kids in Fukuoka and Osaka? We will be in Fukuoka on Sept and possibly Osaka.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The new one is being built in Nagano. Quite far out for anyone flying in from overseas, but I guess people will make the journey if they want to see it.

        Are you on Facebook? There is a group there called Japan Travel, Friendly Discussion Group and usually the community is quite good at suggesting places and/or answering questions.

        I will also ask around in the foreign community here to see if anyone has some good resources for that area with kids. 🙂


  3. I love the looks and vibes of the Playmobil Park! Somewhere I think Ewan and Faye will go crazy at! *shy* I only got introduced to the Playmobil toys from a german neighbour last year! Didn’t even know they existed hahah but they are so fun to play, I’d like to claim them for myself too!


    1. I really really liked the park, I think it’s very down to earth and back to basic play, which is what kids really need these days! And the sets are so cute hor?? I think it’s a different kind of play from Lego.


  4. OMG! Playmobil! Wasnt that my childhood toy???? How nice it is to play in the ‘kingdom’! I hope they can be brought to c’tries nearer to Singapore! Better still, Singapore!


    1. Yes!! My husband had like only ONE toy when he was young and it was a Playmobil set. They should have more Playmobil parks but no one has even heard of the parks so methinks their business sense in this area is quite lacking lah.


  5. I never knew a Playmobil land existed! Oh my, I’m so ‘suaku’. Really nice to have such parks without rides but a variety of pure outdoor fun. And that shopping – if I’m a Playmobil fan, I’m sure gonna burst the limit with the sets. Haha


  6. The place looks awesome! Is so bright and spacious and really back to basics which all kids should experience nowadays. Even the adult becomes a child again when you are there. The train tickets really ex compared to driving, I would definitely drive too.

    Not bad, you still able to squeeze time out for shopping! Otherwise, can “hammer own chest” if you didn’t. I know I will…haha


  7. My goodness is there a Playmobil park in Florida too? I had no idea.

    I like the castle and the house! It must feel like being in a giant Playmobil set. What a fun setting for indoor and outdoor play.


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