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One North Festival – Get Nerdy!

Media Invite

one-north festival banner

Ever wondered what goes on in the interesting cluster of buildings in Ayer Rajah? Well A*Star and JTC have jointly organized the one-north Festival on August 5th and 6th 2016, with a plethora of workshops, talks, exhibitions etc. It is a weekend celebrating all things nerdy, cutting edge, and some are very futuristic.


Start your adventure in the movies at Infinite Studios where you can visit a TV film set in Singapore’s first soundstage facility and tour a high end Virtual Reality Studio. The tour continues at AMX Audiophiles where you will experience what an audio mixing facility looks like and how a sound designer uses music and effects to bring a TV commercial to life. Your final stop is at Globecast, where you will see how TV networks broadcast their channels in a “live transmission” environment!

As suggested by A*Star, I only brought my 8 year old, as it is less engaging for the younger ones. I have written before about animation for children, so I was really excited to learn more about media production.

Infinite Studios Singapore

First we started off a tour of the set of the Mediacorp show Tanglin. I have never watched this so I have no clue what it’s about, and did not recognize any actors, but it was interesting nonetheless.

I will probably find some episodes on toggle to see if we can find the cafe that we saw. They were in the midst of a shoot so we could only see a partial section of the set.


Infinite studios Mediacorp Tanglin

Infinite studios Mediacorp Tanglin
At a quick glance, I only recognised one name.

After this we visited a virtual reality set to see  in person how a green screen works, and with automated cameras. I have previously shown the kids how a green screen works, but it’s nothing like seeing it for yourself!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.54.57 am

Infinite studios Singapore
Computer control room.

Then at AMX we had a little introduction to sound mixing. Lastly at Globecast, we learnt about cable programming, recasting, editing, etc. It was very interesting for me and a little technical for the son, but he was quite occupied by Robocop on HBO on one of the screens (boys!).

Globecast Singapore
At the Globecast office
Globecast Singapore
How do people “watch” anything??

We saw some editing studios and learnt more about live telecasts such as for sports. At Globecast they even have sound booths in case they need commentary in a different language, eg in Thai for an English Premier League programme, and they can do it live at the Globecast office.

The Globecast Media Centre in Singapore is one of four in the world, and someone asked our guide why Singapore was chosen as one of the locations. Not surprisingly, he stated that we have a good infrastructure and of course, political stability and low risk of war. You might have also heard of other large companies setting up in Singapore for similar reasons, such as a small-ish company called Industrial Light and Magic founded by George Lucas (you know, like Star Wars?), also one of four locations worldwide. I think it’s something that we Singaporeans should be proud of and also, extremely grateful, that we are on the forefront of technology, and many of us are given the opportunities to work in such cutting edge environments.

Alright, enough of the National Day plug, do check out the many many workshops and tours! Some are very technical and have a minimum age of 7 or even 16 years old, so there is something for everyone. Too bad the Disney tour has been completely reserved (BUMMER!!!), and many of the open houses have been completely filled up, but there are still lab tours available.



one-north Festival
August 5 & 6, 2016
Find event info on their FB page:


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