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Ergoworks IMPACT Ergonomic Backpack review

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Ergoworks Impact ergonomic bags

We were invited by Ergoworks to try out one of their ergonomic school bags. In all honesty, I’ve literally never really thought much about the ergonomic school bags, as in, I never gave it any thought. When the boys were in kindy, I was a fan of local brand Ypaks from Southern Backpack, the bags are small and cute, and they are a local brand! Ergoworks are also a local brand, FYI!

When Mittens graduated to primary school, we tried various random backpacks since we were not sure which kind would be suitable. Mittens is lucky that he doesn’t have to lug around his entire book collection every day. They only have to bring their books to school every half year and most of it is stored in school until they use it. Many workbooks are tear-out sheets so they just work on a chapter at a time. And because he doesn’t have to carry much, and we have to walk all of 200metres to school (yes, I know, so lucky!) I’ve not been too fussy about the bag he uses. In fact when he requested for a new bag, I refused since we don’t just buy bags on a whim. Or buy more to add to the clutter at home.

But since the opportunity came, I was quite interested to find out more about the Ergoworks IMPACT backpacks, and off we went to the Marina Square outlet. I have never ever stepped into an Ergoworks store, so I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at all the different features of the range we of bags from Ergoworks. I mean, just look at this wall in the photo above!

IMPACT ergonomic bags founded since 1997, developed and designed with back care professionals and unrivaled ergonomic concepts, always focused on providing best comfort, support and durability for children, equipped with several types of spinal protection back systems and designs to fit different age groups of children, IMPACT is the ONLY ergonomic brand endorsed and certified by both Singapore Physiotherapy Association & The Chiropractic Association of Singapore, quality and durability tested under international standards by SGS & PSB TUV testing labs.

The bags come in different capacities and sizes and range of colours.

Then there are the features – who loves the hassle of adjusting bag straps? Ain’t nobody got time for that! But the Impact bags were so easy to adjust, both to tighten and loosen. More importantly, it was easy for Mittens to adjust himself so that he can decide what is the right fit for him, and also so I don’t have to be doing it for him, yay!

Some bags have very interesting features – like height adjustment or an elastic band that can bear some of the weight in the bag, or a top shoulder piece to give more support.


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 8.43.09 pm.png

Mittens and I liked the latest range the best, wouldn’t you agree that it looks the most sporty? It even reminds me of a German brand of bags (that aren’t ergonomic!).  Within this range they also have a few options in terms of front pockets, zip compartments etc.  Most bags also have a padded section for tablets, and side pockets for water bottles or other essentials. It wasn’t that easy to choose, I made him try all the bags to see which one he felt most comfortable in, but in the end we liked this sporty look, and we didn’t need one with a large capacity, and it could fit our water bottles. I liked that you could even put a lock on the bag’s zip if you wished.


The bags also come with a 180 days warranty against manufacturing defects and breakdown. And a 20% trade in discount for all used IMPACT bags should you decide to upgrade when the time comes. I was also pleasantly surprised that the bags were not too expensive, they start from S$55.

As someone who suffers from back problems (thanks to the babies always wanting to be carried), I’m not sure why I didn’t think of getting Mittens an ergonomic bag before. Maybe I’m just that kind of mum (whoops). My husband was so impressed with the bag he asked if it was going to be our regular going-out bag for all the kids barang (extra clothes, milk for the youngest, sweaters, tissues, etc). And Mittens immediately decided that he was going to use it on the short trip we were going to go on the next day, and gamely carried quite a heavy load, relieving me of having the task of carrying our stuff! Win-win right? 🙂

We also spent some time wandering around the shop and trying out all the various seats and desks. Wow they are so comfortable! Too bad I have absolutely no space in my house for any desks. Or anything! 😦



Check out the IMPACT ergonomic bags on the Ergoworks website and do head down to one of their three showrooms to try them out!

Ergoworks Impact ergonomic bags

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #03-337 Marina Square
Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm
Telephone: 6837 3370

176 Orchard Road #03-36 Centrepoint
Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm
Telephone: 6836 8488

Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square #03-26 Causeway Point
Opens Daily: 11:30am – 9.00 pm
Telephone: 6893 8488


Disclaimer: We were given an IMPACT ergonomic bag, but all opinions and backaches are 100% my own.


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