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Excuse me

Term 3 is now well underway, and it’s barely been a week but already I wish it was the holidays 😀 We have been really busy recently, last month we were on holiday almost 3 times in a 4 week span, (which you can read about here and here), and although it sounds like fun and we thoroughly enjoyed it, it was also rather tiring trying to get back to routine and then jetting off again. And I haven’t even blogged about our summer holiday! Now I still need to find some time to do a travel photo book and research our year end holiday, and.. I think I have a never ending to-do list really!

August always seems busy for me since there is the MIL’s birthday, national day, and of course my birthday too, but now that will always get overshadowed by Scout’s birthday since she is 3 weeks behind me). I’m a really slack mother when it comes to birthdays, I think it’s just not one of my fortes.

Then we received our test results from Term 3 (for Primary 2) and boy what a shocker that was! It looks like we’ve really got our work cut out for the next month until the end of SA2. Oh joy.

I’ve also realized that it always takes me so much time to write a blog post, and I don’t know if I’m just slow or I like to re-read and edit, that makes it time consuming. Wait actually in middle school we did a lot of editing so yes I think probably it’s just me! Then I thought of upgrading the blog for more memory space for photos, then I got so busy I thought of quitting blogging, but in the end I think I will still be here, maybe less frequently than I like.

It feels like I have been trying to do a million things (like just confirming accommodation and tansportation for a group of 14 for the year end – I should start charging agency fees methinks!); completing last year’s digital Project Life and I haven’t even thought about this year’s and it’s already coming to the end of September (wud!), making a photo book for each of our holidays, oh and not forgetting studying for term 4 tests of course.

So excuse me dear readers, while I take the time to slow down, for I am trying to juggle many things,, trying to be more present in the moment, prioritizing on what I feel really matters the most, making memories with the children, savouring life as it should be.

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