Review & Giveaway: inTENse escape room

Uescape intense

You’ve read about our escape room experience at U Escape, which the whole family loved. Recently they have introduced a shorter version, called InTENse, which is only 10 minutes long!

Recall those painfully long minutes when you’re simply waiting? 10 minutes…waiting for a movie hall to open up, for a table at your favourite restaurant, for someone who’s running late? We want to do something else, instead of just waiting, but what takes just 10 minutes? The answer is here! Singapore’s FIRST INTENSE escape mission! U Escape, Singapore’s newest Escape Room in town has launched our first-ever ten-minute Escape Room missions for those who are looking for some quick thrills and proof of their mental prowess.

Recently launched at Plaza Singapura, U Escape is powered by Timezone, in partnership with Breakout Kansas City (Breakout KC), the highest rated Escape Room Experience provider in USA. Typically, each game at U Escape is 60 minutes long. But now, for the first time in Singapore, people will be able to experience the adventures of an Escape Room in just ten minutes. This works also for first-timers who may want to get a feel of Escape Rooms before they commit an entire hour to it.


U Escape Plaza Sing

They have converted their Shanghai Surprise rooms for the sole purpose of InTENse, and up to five groups of people can play five different missions at any one time. Unlike the normal escape room sessions which are 60 minutes, these shorter sessions will not have any clues given by the staff. The suggest group size is 2-3 adults, but 2 adults and 3 kids worked for us too 🙂

We tried two missions, the first one, Hell’s Gate, took us a while to get used into the “zone” and we didn’t manage to complete it. Our second mission was King Solo. Perhaps we were more ready this round, or it was simpler, but we completed it slightly after 10 minutes, although it was a little easier because the itchy finger kids actually found the final item first just by being their usual kaypoh selves! Usually it’s not so easy of course 🙂


Our younger two were a little more scared of this room as compared to the previous escape room, and were less cooperative in the first mission. Before we started our second mission, our 6 year old was almost in tears saying he didn’t want to go back in; but we managed to convince him, and he really enjoyed himself after he found some important clues to help complete the mission! Perhaps for the second mission we had another couple in the room who were working on a separate mission, so maybe it was less lonely and scary?


Located next to Timezone and GV cinemas, its perfect if you have some time to kill before a movie. If you plan to bring the kids perhaps ask them to recommend an easier mission, or plan to do two missions like us 🙂 We would have even tried a third mission but it was getting late 🙂

Find out more from their FB page here.

U Escape
Plaza Singapura #07-08A
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6337 0049

Entry is SGD$6 per person for a 10-minute mission


Now for the GIVEAWAY! I have FIVE pairs of tickets to give away! Please enter the Rafflecopter HERE.


  • You can enter the draw until 5 October
  • The tickets will be valid until 30 October 2016.
  • To redeem the tickets, I will contact you for your full name and mobile number. Therefore, do enter with a valid email address. Winners can either walk-in or call 6337 0049 to book a slot prior to going down for the session

Disclaimer: We were given free passes to an inTENse mission at Uescape, all fun laughter and squabbles while trying to solve our mission were completely our own.


7 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: inTENse escape room

  1. I would like to bring my kids to experience the adventures of an Escape Room, the first in Singapore! They will love to play the different challenging games there . This is also a great family bonding time !


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