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Discount code: A Day Lost in Pulau Ubin by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Earlier this year, the kids and I attended The Little Wanderer by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). We are excited to be going to watch A Day Lost in Pulau Ubin in early November.

Little Wanderer was a concert from their Concert for Little Tots series, our third (I think?) children’s performance by the SCO and I was really impressed by how creative the whole performance was. I never imagined that they would have used the stage instead of the usual concert seating, and it left me feeling that the SCO are so under appreciated as compared to their more popular counterparts (like the SSO).


What I really love about the SCO is how different their instruments are from what we are normally exposed to. I also think that as this is part of our heritage, it’s wonderful for kids to learn more about the music. Of course I would be equally happy to attend any Indian or Malay cultural performances if there are kids-friendly ones, so do give me a shout out if you know of any 🙂

The SCO presents three children concert series a year: Concert for Little Tots, Young Children’s concert and Young People’s Concert that targets at different age group. Pulau Ubin will be catering to those aged 7 and above, but I will be bringing my 4YO anyway!

This year the SCO are celebrating their 20th anniversary, and they have a special 20% discount for our readers! Please use the code SCO20MOMS on the Sistic website here. Do book your tickets soon!!


A Day Lost in Pulau Ubin by the SCO
Fri, 11 – Sat, 12 Nov 2016
Fri: 10.30am
Sat: 2.30pm & 5pm
SCO Concert Hall

One thought on “Discount code: A Day Lost in Pulau Ubin by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra

  1. Most of my experience is with Western instruments – I had occasion to hear the SCYO play last year and it was so much fun! Many of their instruments are different from a Western orchestra, but not so far off that context is lost! So easier to make the transition 🙂


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