Of Music and Art: The Ding Yi Music Company

Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold 乐。艺:传奇新传


You might have read my previous post on the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. We really enjoyed their Young Children’s concert – Lost in Pulau Ubin, and earlier in that week I also caught their A Nonya Journey performance where one of the pieces was specially written for the SCO by Dick Lee! It was simply amazing.

So I’m super please to tell you about another interesting performance! Come this December school holidays, Ding Yi Music Company will join forces with Hawaiian Javanese dancer Garrett Kam and sand artist Lawrence Koh to put together a special performance for all who are interested in exploring new music production.

Through the unique mediums of both sand art and dance, Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold will take the audience down the journey of the legend of the Sisters’ Islands. The concert will showcase the new arrangement of the award winning composition “The Sisters’ Islands” by young Singapore composer, Wang Chen Wei.

这个学校假期,鼎艺团将首次联合夏威夷爪哇舞蹈家Garrett Kam和沙画家许凌福,共同呈现一场适合阖家观赏的演出。《乐。艺》将以沙画和舞蹈等多媒体的形式,带领着观众体验东南亚《姐妹岛》的传说。


Founded in 2007, the first Chinese chamber music ensemble in Singapore, Ding Yi Music Company charms with its distinctive approach to composing and interpreting a wide repertoire that ranges from traditional Chinese music to contemporary and even cross-genre works.

Ding Yi has become an active ambassador of Singapore, performing, collaborating and winning awards at key music festivals locally and internationally. Led by principal conductor Mr Quek Ling Kiong and assistant conductor Mr Dedric Wong, the 20-musician strong ensemble continues to experiment and create more unique sounds from Singapore.


For the first time, Ding Yi is holding an exclusive workshop on 30 Nov, Wed, 3 – 5pm with our artists – Ding Yi musicians and Javanese dancer Garrett Kam. Suitable for parents and children 5 and up, they will bring participants through Javanese dance moves and its musical influences.

*This workshop is for those who have bought at least 4 tickets. Interested readers can drop an email at khaihong@anticsatplay.com for more details!

Performance Details

Tickets are available at Esplanade Box Office and SISTIC.

  • Date : 3 Dec, Sat
  • Time : 7:30pm
  • Duration : Approximately 1 hour, without intermission
  • Venue : Esplanade Recital Studio
  • Ticket price : $25

To learn more about Ding Yi and Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold performance, please visit www.dingyimusic.com

AND, to win some tickets, please go to Xavvy-licious, Dinomama and GrowingHearts, Kids ‘r’ simple! GOOD LUCK!!


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