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Giveaway: Young Living Christmas Bazaar!


Most of you would by now have heard of Young Living essential oils. I started on this journey, many many years ago (because yes, I’m that old). In those days, we had to read books for information (omg, feeling as old as Gandalf right now), and I had a few books which were pretty interesting. I also remember back in the day, oils were readily available such as The Body Shop who was huge on their scents such as White Musk, but after I discovered Neal’s Yard, things were never quite the same again – the quality difference was just so different! Also, shopping at The Body Shop, kind of wasn’t the same at shopping at Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden.

It’s wonderful that essential oils are so much more affordable and accessible these days. I’m not a fanatic – I use oils in moderation, and I have really enjoyed this learning journey. Will it cure cancer? That I have my reservations.  But many essential oils do have properties that are scientifically proven to be beneficial for the body. For example, many dental products contain clove, because

Clove oil is a natural analgesic and antiseptic, used primarily in dentistry for its main ingredient eugenol. It can also be purchased in pharmacies over the counter as a home remedy for dental pain relief, mainly toothache. It is also often found in the aromatherapy section of health food stores, and is used in the flavoring of some medicines.


Here are some of my favourite uses for essential oils:

  • Lavender for mosquito bites that become inflamed, or when the kids are over tired and need a little more comfort so they don’t wake up crying in the middle of their sleep. It’s also great for acne as it dries out the pimples and is also antiseptic
  • Endoflex, a blend of oils for several purposes including balancing hormones, has really helped my monthly period pains. I either get them mildly or hardly at all now, and I don’t use it regularly anymore.
  • My first line of defense for the flu is Thieves and a variety of other oils depending on the symptoms
  • I also love the YL Ningxia supplement, which is made out of wolfberries. I’m pretty sure it has help me fight off an oncoming flu many a time.

Although Young Living are essentially (ha ha) a MLM organisation, you are never pressured into buying or selling more than you need to, and I am so happy to have re-discovered my love for essential oils! I also feel blessed to be within a group, under Miss Xavvy-licious who is a wonderful friend and always willing to share and learn about essential oils. I have also enjoyed going for their (free!) workshops, and most of their workshops are all on the oils themselves, and NOT on how to MLM, if ya know what I mean.

How does one get started in essential oils?

  1. It helps to have a friend whom you can talk to, because there is just so much information out there that it can be very confusing.
  2. If you don’t have a friend whom you can speak to, you can join the J.Oil Christmas Bazaar to find out more! Details below
  3.  If you are unsure what kind of oils you need, if you sign up as a member under my ID 2047419, you can redeem a FREE zyto scan (usual price S$15).”During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication and the ZYTO software records each response.” So the report can actually suggest which oils might benefit you and your needs. It all sounds quite new-agey, but it’s a start 😀 Read more about zyto scans here from Mother Kao.


J.Oil – A Very Special One Drop Christmas Bazaar 

Local essential oil group One Drop brings you a christmas bazaar that will leave you giddy with delight!

Expect more than 15 local traders bringing in their very special items – some personally crafted, some sourced carefully around the world. There are plenty of quirky and beautiful items that will make one-of-a-kind gifts for Christmas. And yes food items too – so yummy you will not resist! 

There will also be a total of 6 FREE essential oil and lifestyle workshops guarantee a value-added experience as you shop.

And one more thing –

Spread some j.oil (joy lah) this Christmas! At One Drop, we believe the absolute joy in Christmas really is when we can give. Not necessarily just in buying the perfect presents for gifting; but in finding means and ways to make life just a bit better for another. Therefore, 100% of the collected entrance fees will be donated to One Life Global Charity to fund a project to buy medical and trauma equipment for children in Syria affected by the on-going civil war. 

Make a date with your friends and help us make this season count!

Find out more about the event line-up and buy your tickets here.


On Site Promotion
We will also be running a special onsite promotion on the day of the event for new members who wish to sign up with a new Young Living account.
New members will receive:
1. 5ml Bottle of Lavender
2. Free copy of Live Alive Book – Only for new One Dropper members
+ We will also be having a special NingXia Red promotion on the event day.

Date: 3 December 2016
Time: 12pm – 6pm
Venue: Park Hotel Alexandra, Botanique Room
Cost: $10 per ticket

GIVEAWAY:  I have 5 pairs of tickets to the J.oil Christmas Bazaar to give away!! Please enter the rafflecopter here. Easy peasy!

I also have one 5ml bottle of Bergamot essential oil to be given away, and that will be chosen from those who enter the rafflecopter above! If you would like it, please don’t forget to complete the last option of leaving a comment on this blog post, OR on the FB post here, to share why you would like to try out this oil.


The giveaway ends November 30th, and tickets and/or Bergamot oil will be emailed to you, so please do leave your email address.


Here are a few more blog posts and giveaways you can participate in!

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of tickets to the Christmas Bazaar but all opinions are 100% my own and I have been a member of Young Living for  3 years now!


5 thoughts on “Giveaway: Young Living Christmas Bazaar!

  1. My favourites are Lavender, Thieves, Purification and Peppermint! I use tonnes of Peppermint during my last pregnancy. It helps when I feel nausea. But someone commented that it smells like medicated oil, I was like ><||| they smell so different. LOL.


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