Pokémon Craze at Changi

Media Invite

Last Friday we were invited to the opening ceremony of Pokémon at Changi and I am very thankful that we were so we didn’t have to battle with a few thousand other people. Well at least for not too long.

Well, didn’t expect to see myself on the start screen before the video plays 😀 Along with Xavvy-licious and Universal Scribbles!

I am completely clueless about Pokémon Go, because as a mummy, I have a zillion other things to think about (like the family’s meals for the next 2 days?!), and also, I don’t even have enough time to play my TsumTsum (whoops). But the rest of the family does, and the kids really enjoyed the event. And I have to admit, Pikachus really are very very cute, aren’t they??


We came home with a plush toy each, and they have been busy playing with them. Looks like we’ll have to go back to catch more Pokémons! At Changi, of course 🙂

All the details can be found here Pokémon at Changi and you can also read other coverage here ilovedefamily, Cheekiemonkies, Sengkang Babies, to name a few.




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