New year, new beginnings

It has been ages since my last post! We have been busy with holidays and gearing up for school, and making the most of the school holidays. We attended a P1 prep class, went on a farm tour, visited the 3M office where we spent some time working together as a family on a science project, and hung out at home as much as we could.
It’s also been 1.5 months since my helper went home and told then only informed me, four weeks later, on the day she was supposed to return, that her father was ill and that she would be unable to. So we’ve been surviving alright, and it’s been a good break for the kids and myself to get everyone to do their part. Sometimes with a little bit of screaming and threats. When we came back from the ski trip I had really bad eczema on my hands that looked like what I imagined leprosy to be like, so Hubby had to pitch in even more. I’d be happy to not hire a full time helper anymore but Hubby is probably traumatized from all the work that he’s had to do at home! To be fair he does have a job that is also physically demanding.  

A part time cleaner has really helped restore order to the home each week, and although I like doing housework, I can’t keep up with the rate the mess is created, and I’m a really slow worker. Or get distracted easily. I blame WhatsApp and Netflix. It has been a month since our ski holiday and I have yet to finish washing and packing away all the winter stuff!! I’ve decided that although I am able to, I can’t really be bothered with cooking (and washing!) anymore because it just takes so much of my time away from the kids. So I decided to tingkat (and thanks to Growing With The Tans for the recommendation of Mom’s Cooking), and made it a requirement that the new helper must be able to cook! I have a few friends who have three kids and no help, one of whom says she only gets part time help once a year for spring cleaning. I don’t know how they can do it all! One even works part time. I probably need to figure out the secret to being super organized. 

Thankfully there hasn’t been too much adjustment to P1 for my middle child. He’s quite a sensitive and apprehensive character, so I am always more concerned about him. I am so grateful to The Little Executive for inviting me to their P1 Prepatory Class, which I will write about soon, and hope it has at least helped ease his transition. Of course, it’s even easier when you have a bigger brother in the school. It’s week 2 and the boys are already ready to walk to and fro school on their own. My eldest, who is in P3 ok, even wants them to go to the coffee shop to have lunch on their own after school. The answer was of course, no.

It has certainly been an eventful start to the new year, and I am typing this while at the GP’s to see if I can do anything about this gastric/stomach flu/food poisoning (I’m not sure which it is). Exciting times eh? Bring it on, 2017!



6 thoughts on “New year, new beginnings

  1. Same response! Do you LIKE housework?? Haha.. perhaps it is therapeutic for you just like I used to like hanging clothes!

    I think you are coping well without a helper. But I hope your helper comes quickly! No joke to handle 3 and tidy the house. Take good care of your health ya!

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  2. I was wondering at the start of the post why you need P1 Prep class. Then I realised towards the end that it was for the kid, not for you.

    I don’t work (wait, actually I do work – nowadays I consider blogging my work) and I’m barely breathing now that my elder boy comes home at 1pm. And my house is a perpetual mess. So yeah, how do people with 3 kids and no helper do it at all??


    1. Haha! Maybe I should edit it to clarify the P1 Prep thing 😉 I think if I were a lot more organized and on the ball I might be able to do more but I always get distracted and do things halfway 😆


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