Quan Fa Organic Farm


Last December, we were invited to visit the Quan Fa Organic Farm for a farm tour. The kids and I have yet to be on a vegetable farm, so I readily signed up!

Quan Fa Organic Farm

Quan Fa are located at Murai Farmway, across the road from Chew’s egg farm. It’s pretty far away, but in this case I guess you can not say it’s a “鸟不生蛋的地方” (far away place where even birds won’t lay an egg).

I am so punny!

Quan Fa Organic Farm

Quan Fa have been around since 1999, and their produce is now being islandwide, including some Sheng Shiong supermarkets. Sadly, they will only be in operation until 2019 after which their land lease expires, so we should support local companies and grab as much of their fresh produce as possible! And if you are keen, please do join them for a farm tour!

Quan Fa Organic Farm MummyEd

The tour started in the small shop that they have at the farm. You can also order online if Murai Farmway is too far away for you (that’s like 99% of the population). Mr JJ, a second generation farmer, led the tour. It was intriguing to learn more about agriculture, and the kids enjoyed themselves very much.

Quan Fa Organic Farm MummyEd

JJ explained how vegetables are grown organically, and that includes using this sticky paper to catch insects. The colour attracts the insects as they think it is flowers.

Quan Fa Organic Farm MummyEd

Then we moved on to the various plots that they have. JJ let the boys have a go at plucking radishes, literally 拔萝卜, which was fun because kids all love the traditional 拔萝卜Chinese song. You can see it on YouTube here. He explained the ones he grows are smaller than some of those that we get in the supermarket from the Cameron Highlands, because the cool climate and I think soil drainage helps in growing larger radishes.


Now, organic vegetables might not look the prettiest, but they all go into our tummy anyway right? I have seen vegetables in my supermarket which still have live snails or little caterpillars (I once had a nasty bite from a tiny fella from a bunch of kale!), and I think that their presence is reassuring that those brands use less pesticides than other brands!

Quan Fa Organic Farm

We also got to sample some mulberries.

Quan Fa Organic Farm MummyEd

We then took a look at the compost plots. Quan Fa’s success in ensuring its freshness, taste, texture of its organic fresh produce is through their composting method. Part of the vegetable waste goes into making the compost, and JJ dug into the compost to let us have a feel of how warm it is – created by the natural energy from the decomposition.

I think JJ did mention that they also use coffee grounds in the compost, but a few weeks later I spotted this at the Nespresso counter in  Takashimaya.

Quan Fa Organic Farm MummyEd

At the end of the tour, they cooked up some sweet potato leaves for us in a simple stir fry. Fresh food always seems to taste better, doesn’t it?

Quan Fa Organic Farm MummyEd

We came away with not one but TWO packs of an assortment of vegetables, thanks to another couple who attended the tour but said they don’t cook so they gave their pack to my hungry looking children. Ha ha. Each pack was pretty substantial, but because the vegetables were so fresh, they didn’t wilt the next day, and I only managed to use them up a few days later.

There is SO much chemicals in everything that we eat every day, and I think I should seriously use more organic produce in our family diet. I just always thought that organic produce means you don’t use chemicals, but according to Quan Fa:

  • Organically grown foods generally taste better because nourished, well-balanced soil produces healthy, strong plants.
  • Organic farming supports eco-sustenance, or farming in harmony with nature. Wildlife, insects,frogs, birds, and soil organisms are able to play their roles in the tapestry of ecology, and we are able to play ours, without interference or compromise.

Wow! Eat healthily and play a positive part in the environment? I’ve written before about climate change, so I’m definitely in!!

I have not seen a ladybird in a long time!!!

Quan Fa vegetables can be found in some Sheng Shiong supermarkets, but you can also buy them online and delivered right to your doorstep. And if you use the code QuanfaOrganicFarm*, you can enjoy 10% off your order from now until 12 March 2017. There is free delivery for purchases over S$80, and I haven’t had any of the Quan Fa vegetables since the farm tour, so I’m definitely going to use the code myself!!

*Not valid for promotional items and dried goods. One-time use per customer.

Quan Fa Organic Farm MummyEd

35 Murai Farmway Singapore 709145
phone 65-6793 7693


Disclaimer: We were invited to a farm tour on Quan Fa. No monetary compensation was received.


13 thoughts on “Quan Fa Organic Farm

  1. I always like reading your posts coz you’re so punny! Haha. It would be nice if they did like a weekly veg box delivery, but that would require more manpower and a large customer base also. It’s quite popular in Jkt but I’m not sure if it will be a good business model in SG.


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