Genting Dream – Asia’s Luxury Liner

Media invite


To date we have only been on two cruises in the region, the Royal Caribbean Legend Of The Seas, and The Mariner of the Seas. Both times we enjoyed ourselves tremendously and have been looking for a chance to cruise again, although preferably not on the same ship.

I was super excited when I received the invitation to go onboard Genting’s new cruise line the Genting Dream, touted to be Asia’s first luxury cruise liner!

I won’t bore you with all the various details because you can find it elsewhere, but I’ll share my honest thoughts with you. We have only been on the two ships I just mentioned. Compared to Mariner of the seas, the Genting Dream is definitely a newer, larger ship. But the difference is not really by leaps and bounds. And unfortunately I have yet to go on a ship from Royal Caribbean’s Ovation category – many ships are newer and larger than Mariner, so that would have been a much fairer and interesting comparison.

Genting Dream is the first of the ships from Genting’s Dream Cruises range, and to be honest, in Singapore, Star Cruises which also belong to Genting, have not been getting much publicity, especially when compared to Royal Caribbean. However I have heard a lot about Crystal Cruises from our friends, and after the acquisition, that line is now part of the Genting portfolio.

My first impressions was Wow! Everything was so spanking new! It even had the new woody smells! I love the clean lines and contemporary design. Very classy!

The cabins

I remember the bathroom on the ocean view cabin on the Legend of the Seas to be so tiny that you had to be careful  you didn’t hit your elbows on the shower stall while washing your hair. So I paid attention to the cabin toilets on Genting Dream and they looked lovely and well spaced, AND the rooms are a lot more luxurious than the ones on Royal Caribbean (Legend and Mariner).

Genting Dream cabin
Bunk bed option

Instead of the Pullman beds that pull down above the twin beds in a cabin on RC, the Genting Dream has one Pullman style bunk bed, plus a sofa bed which unfolds to a super single or similar. I did not see BOTH open together, but I’m assuming that would be possible. This would be great for families!

Genting Dream cabin
Super single sofa bed

As we had stayed in the Grand Suite on Mariner of the Seas, I wanted to have a look at the suites on Genting Dream but they said that the passengers had already checked in to the rooms. They really know how to max out their docking time.


Genting Dream Cruise Liner

Many of the dining areas are very well decorated and have different themes. They have over 35 restaurant and bar concepts, but from what I understand, only a select few are included in the cruise price and the rest are optional.

As part of the media tour, we were treated to a 3 course lunch, and I have to honestly say that I didn’t enjoy my main of cod fish very much. It was edible, but just barely. And could have been much much better. Maybe it was just my one piece of fish which wasn’t up to standard, and hopefully it’s just some teething problems (hur hur). The wines, however, were young but very approachable, and made up for any misgivings I had about the cod. Ha! Years ago, before I went on the Legend of the Seas I’d read media reviews of how wonderful the food was, only to be surprised and a little disappointed, and that experience taught me to take a large dollop of salt when it comes to media food reviews.

Genting Dream Cruise Liner
Almost like a museum, this restaurant was a feast for the eyes too!



We were treated to the Genting Dream main show entitled Voyage of a Lover’s Dream, and boy was it exciting and impressive! The Dream is themed around an Astronaut and a Mermaid. The amazingly clear LCD backdrops and theatrics were very entertaining too.

Then there are the adventure ropes – gosh, older kids would love this! Apparently there is also a 3 lane bowling alley but we didn’t see this.

Source Genting.

And the pools! There is a large pool area and 3 giant slides, which I’m sure will entertain kids for hours. If not they can try their hand at the small rock climbing wall.


There is also the Little Pandas Club, which we weren’t allowed to tour inside and could only see it from the counter, so here is a shot of it. As well as the arcade for older kids.


They have incorporated a Zouk Beach Club, and I’m not sure if kids are allowed here, but it looks like a wonderful place to chill.

Genting Dream Cruise Zouk Beach Club
Source: Genting

We waited for quite a long time before we were allowed to board the ship, then we had to rush through the tour and lunch, so we didn’t get to see all of the ship. Not even the shops! So I don’t know if there is a main promenade kind of area or a main buffet restaurant.

Would I recommend the Genting Dream? I am sure that any family would enjoy cruising on this vessel. At the time of the media tour, we were informed that the ship would be sailing from Hong Kong only, but apparently it will now be berthed in Singapore from December 2017. More information can be found on their website here.

If you have been on the Genting Dream I would love to hear your thoughts on it! 


2 thoughts on “Genting Dream – Asia’s Luxury Liner

  1. We booked 3nos PALACE suite rm. 1st room-2adult + 7yrs old child. 2nd room-2adult. 3rd room-2adult which my daughter is pregnant. We are 7member in the family seeking for the year end 2017 gathering. We are staying in the Genting dream cruise for 2nights sailing to high sea.

    Our Palace suite room is on the deck 13. There is no deck 14. Above the Palace suite room is deck 15 “Crystal Life FITNESS” which I attached the floor plan and photo.

    1st night. 5am in the morning, We were bombed by loud sound above and shaken us the whole early morning to wake up. The sound and feeling is like being PUNCHED very hard in the chest as we enclosed in the metal cubical room. The next day, we talk to the butler service and he take note.

    2nd night, 230am, we again were disturbed by the loud bang which I guess the weights or dumb bell drop to the floor at deck 15 in the fitness gym. I called up the receptionist, Ms Suan answer the call and told me the fitness gym is closed at 1am. Than she send housekeeping staff to my room to check.

    The housekeeping staff came, I invited him to the room, the staff was in the room for about 5mins. The staff experience himself the banging noise from deck 15, which he admitted it is from the fitness gym. There might b staff using the gym as the 4000guest are deny entry after 1am.

    I paid for my family to enjoy Palace suite room to have quality time togather, we have child n pregnant daughter to go thru horror night sleep.

    So my advice to top Guest paying top $ to AVOID Palace suite 13002 to Palace suite 13020. Afternoon nap is as bad bcos some of 4000 guest will drop the weight/dumb bell onto the floor to wake u up in that stretch area. Good mental and good night peaceful sleep is important. Pls consider………………

    The rest of other area, we have the VIP access. These are the truth of 2nights stay in Genting Dream Cruise my 7 members of the family experience.

    Pls refer to my photo attachment to avoid deck 13 under the “Crystal Life FITNESS”


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