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3M Young Wizards Science Camp



Last year (Dec 2016) we were invited to a science workshop held by 3M at their office premises in Yishun. It was the Young Wizards Science Camp. If you have not heard of 3M you might be living under a rock, but even there under the rock, you are probably using some product that is made by 3M since they have a product portfolio of a staggering 55,000 products!!

The session started with a tour of the 3M Customer Techincal Centre, which consists of around 15 showroom areas to showcase their technology. From energy management solutions, to personal safety solutions, medical equipment and of course, what many of us are most familiar with, household goods and STATIONERY. Can I just say I love the smell of Post-it Notes?

3M Post-it note map Customer Techincal Centre, Singapore
Post-it notes, not just for notes, eh? 😀
‘Fess up, who has ever bought non 3M-products because they were cheaper than 3M? Well we learnt a bit about the quality of their products, for example, in their kitchen sponges, each fibre of the scratchy part is individually coated with abrasive, so the sponge can continue to be effective even after long use. Other brands might simply sprinkle abrasive powder on the finished product so once this is worn away the sponge is much less effective and basically just a rough sponge.

3M Customer Techincal Centre, Singapore
Here we are using a 3M sponge and a knock-off to see if we can scratch away the print on the soda cans. With a 3M sponge you can!
This experiment illustrated that although competitor products might be cheaper, you can be assured that 3M products are of superior quality, and the idiom 一分钱一分货 is so apt to use here. Literally it means, one cent money is one cent product. So, you pay what you get for.

It was a very fun and interesting tour! The 3M Customer Techincal Centre is almost like a science centre and in fact it is even better than some parts of our aging Science Centre. There is a set up with scaffolding, for their construction related products; a small area with a few commercial aeroplane seats, because they make the glue that sticks the floor carpeting on those planes; some glass with super hot lights to show UV blocking solar film; a toy car with a small brush head that will shine a 20cent coin for you to show the quality of the bristles; and… too much to mention.

We were all impressed at the various setups.


To show their reflective technology, they had a road set up, where we could turn off the lights and use a torch to shine onto the road signs, and other places where the reflectors are used. Do you know that in Singapore all road signs are using 3M technology? That is because the Land Transport Authority (LTA) insist on the best material. And even the triangle P-plates too.

3M Customer Techincal Centre, Singapore
It’s a bit hard to take a photo of it being reflective, but this was when the lights were turned off.

At one of the stations we also examined the humble 3M Post-it Note. Have you noticed how other brands of sticky notes just don’t seem to have the same feel? Some don’t peel off well, or peel off and then it’s curvy and doesn’t stick properly on the surface that you want, or aren’t sticky enough, or… And none of them have that amazing Post-it Note smell. Our guide explained to us that different glue have different properties, such as in Post-it Notes, they employ (or respond to?) a tear action, not a pull action.

3M Customer Techincal Centre, Singapore
Can’t. Get. It. Apart!!
Try putting 2 Post-its in this manner and see if you can pull it apart. Must be Post-it OK, if it is not, please don’t complain that the experiment failed.

Put two Post-its back to back, sticky side to sticky side. As such.

The 3M Customer Technical Centre was a wonderful experience for the kids, to be able to look at every day products in a different manner, and to get the kids to think about how things work. The centre is definitely worth revisiting!

We returned to the meeting room for the last part of the workshop, where we had to build our own rocket and compete against other teams.

3M Customer Techincal Centre, Singapore
Brainstorming in session
We were given some materials, mostly 3M, and asked to make rockets that could move and compete against other teams’ rockets. In short, the rocket had to propel.

This is what we came up with.
They were also given opportunities to present the rockets.

3M Customer Technical Centre, Singapore

Although the kids were a little too young for the task of building the rocket, we tried to get them to think about it and tasked them to help in putting it together or decorating it. I thought we did well in the race, so I hope the kids were impressed with their parents (ahem) for thinking up the design.


3M employ around 1600 people in Singapore across business and manufacturing functions, making them one of the largest MNC employers. So if you like to support local products, actually buying 3M products in a way is supporting the local economy!

And if they ever organise any science camps for kids again, you should definitely not give it a miss!


9 thoughts on “3M Young Wizards Science Camp

  1. Wow! It looks very interesting for the kids and adults alike! I didn’t know about the Pull Apart and Tear Apart difference. I realised that I have been using lots of 3M products unknowingly like Scotch sponge till recent years before I know 3M has many good quality stuff. Are they organising more of such workshops?


  2. Such an interesting Science camp! I love 3M products and spend a lot of time trying to figure out which 3M items I NEED. I didn’t know their sponges can remove the printing on soda cans! Gotta try that out for myself soon. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I never knew 3M office was in my hood! it does look like a mini Science Centre. How do you know when they would have the camp again and what age do you think the kids need to be to join it?


  4. The 3M Customer Technical Center looks like a very fun and interesting place to be at.

    Wow! I had no idea that all road signs in Singapore use 3M technology!

    Yes, we can vouch that 3M products are of the highest quality, and probably the most well known brand in traffic and workplace safety, and that’s why we carry it on our platform.

    I have written an article about 3M’s history and some of their more popular safety products like personal protection equipment (PPE) and workplace safety products. I think you may find it an interesting read:



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