Switzerland 2016 – Part 2 Lauterbrunnen

I don’t usually like to break up my posts into a few posts, but I have so many photos from my trip, it seems like the only thing to do! I have also been slow in updating my posts because we have just come back from another huge family trip in May 2017 :D. Do read my previous posts on our great Swiss adventure.

Day 3 to 5 – Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen Chalet Switzerland Swiss Alps
Our lovely Air B&B chalet in Lauterbrunnen

At Lauterbrunnen we were met by our very friendly and wonderful hosts, and we really enjoyed staying in both the town as well as our chalet. We chose Lauterbrunnen also in part because of this chalet.

Lauterbrunnen Switzerland
Outdoor fireplace

If only it didn’t rain most of the time! So thankful we booked this lovely cosy chalet on Air B&B because we spent quite a lot of time hanging out there due to the weather. That was the only damper (hur hur) on our wonderful stay in the area. Thankfully the chalet is stocked with TV, videos, games, some Lego, and a table soccer set. Oh and of course they also have a washing machine and dryer, which is essential when you’re on the move for a couple of days.

The chalet is very traditional from the outside, but well renovated on the inside, and also nice and warm.

And oh, the views! Views of maybe around 5 natural waterfalls, even from the bathroom. At night you could (obviously) still hear the waterfalls going. There were also some cows nearby so you could hear their bells ringing occasionally.

The home was a mere 400m from the famous Trummelbach Falls, so when we arrived and it was drizzling, I asked the hosts if it would be an ideal visit if it was raining and/or the cloud cover would prevent us from visiting the peaks, and they agreed. So we visited it on the second day, and that was really all that we managed to do that day because it was drizzling ALL the time.

Trummelbach Falls carries this warning for children below 4 years old, and after visiting I would suggest to take heed of this advice. The falls are amazing to see, but they scared  me. The amount of water that is gushing, the rocks, OMG imagine if you slipped and fell?!?

The Trümmelbach Falls are the world’s only glacier waterfalls that are accessible underground by lift, galleries, tunnels, paths and platforms.

It is also Europe’s largest subterranean water falls, meaning it is inside a cave, rather than flowing outside.

Anyhow, our almost 4 year old did fine, much to my relief. The souvenir shop here at the falls was one of the cheapest we saw so you might like to buy some cow bells or cuckoo clocks (they had the cutest cuckoo clock magnet that had a working watch face for the clock!), check them out here. There is also a restaurant on site and ample free parking and a public bus stop.

The next day, we had a short window of good weather, so we decided to take the gondola up to Gimmewald which is a pretty tiny town, and Murren. The views of the Lauterbrunnen valley from the gondola were just stunning.


From Murren you can go on to the Schilthorn peak, but it’s a good thing that almost all their peaks have webcams (just Google the peak name and “webcam”), so we could see that it would have been pointless.


From Murren I had read that you can take the Allmendhubel-Bahn furnicular up further and take a walk down, but it was closed, undergoing renovations in preparation for the summer.

We were considering taking the furnicular up Harder Klum where apparently you can view Jungfrau, but as the weather was not good we didn’t do it. At Interlaken we also had to give the Ballenberg Open Air Swiss Museum a miss because of the weather.

On another day, we drove to Grindelwald to have a walk around and have dinner. You can also take a train to Grindelwald, which looks like a spectacular journey, but it was quite rainy, and we had a car, and kids, so we chose to take the car instead.

Lauterbrunnen map Switzerland
Handy Lauterbrunnen & surrounds map

Where there were short opportunities of good weather, we walked around from the chalet. There are many hikes and other train journeys that you can do in Lauterbrunnen and the Interlaken area, but we were short of time.




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