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DreamWorks Run 2017

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Last week we were invited to join the Dreamworks Run to help publicize the event. This was my third run, after SpongeBob and the Great Eastern Women’s run.


One of the draws of the Dreamworks Run was that it was held in the late afternoon. It started at 4pm at Gardens By The Bay East, with the kids dash events first. We arrived shortly after 4pm, because I knew the kids dash started at 4pm, and the carnival would probably be on going. However, traffic was really slow getting to Gardens By The Bay East. There is only one way to drive there, by Tanjong Rhu road (even if you come by the stadium), so from one end of Tanjong Rhu to the other end, took us almost 30minutes with all the families rushing to the event. If the arrangements are the same again for the next race, please do go extra early!

As expected, we had lots of time to ourselves at the carnival. We tried some snacks and this would have been a good time to try out the carnival activities too, but we didn’t because we were catching up with friends or waiting for friends to arrive. For the next fun run we attend, I’ll be sure to look out for the schedule, so that we won’t have to end up queuing for hours.

The run was pretty easy, but that’s how fun runs are. Most people were walking and chatting, and at the start of the race I even saw some people SITTING on a bench on their phones. They didn’t look like they were going to run (or walk?!) at all. Maybe they were just there for the erm….t-shirt? Cap? Medal? Go figure.

I was looking out for some of the mascots, but we didn’t see any on the run at all! I did see Po heading off somewhere and the Trolls after the event at the photo taking area. As a Dreamworks event, I thought they could have had MORE mascots? Or perhaps that’s what you get for starting off late. Even if you arrive early. I only have myself to blame.



Overall it was pretty fun, especially when running with friends, and we also got to see some of the air force and navy practising for National Day.

Disclaimer: We were invited to participate in the Dreamworks Run 2017. All our opinions and sweat was 100% our own




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