Superlife Co. Asian Quinoa Packs

If you haven’t already heard about quinoa, you most probably have been living under a rock, or at your hawker centre. Quinoa is the latest craze in clean eating, and can be found everywhere, including some normal neighbourhood Fairprice outlets and not just fancy Marketplace or even Cold Storage or Fairprice Finest.

I’ve cooked quinoa before but have not really been adventurous with it. Enter Superlife Co! And their Asian Flavoured Quinoa packs!

We had quite a bit of fun with this. The sets are so simple to prepare, just toss everything into your rice cooker, with desired ingredients, and voila! Dinner is served!

Of the four we tried, we liked the Japanese Quinoa the best. The kimchi was perfect when I added in a ton of my own kimchi. And the Thai Green Curry had just enough flavour not too overpowering – after all it is just flavoured quinoa and not like ready made green curry ya’know. Do check out Superlife Co. blog on their website or on Instagram for more inspiration on how to cook their Flavoured Packs!

The packs are really handy and great for people just starting out to try quinoa. Once we had more confidence in cooking quinoa, we moved on to cooking it in different ways, like salad, or plain and having it as a rice substitute, or adding it into fried rice. Depending on what you are making, the packs can feed between 1-3 people.

Source: Superlife Co

Superlife are a home grown company and Singapore’s very first Quinoa company. Besides the flavoured quinoa packs, they also have 4pm Quinoa Cacao Protein Blocks. If you’re feeling peckish but want something healthy (no, you tiao dough fritters do not count as healthy!) these are perfect!

And just for my readers, get a 10% off all of their products on their website with a minimum purchase of SGD$40 until 31 August 2017! Use the code supered17 (I LIKE that code! ha ha)


Disclaimer: Superlife Co. sent me some samples of their wonderful quinoa packs but all opinions, as always, are 100% my own.


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