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Kids Laser Tag Birthdays at Tag Team


Earlier this year, I scrambled to pull together a party for our eldest, who was turning 9. When I say scrambled, I mean, we only confirmed it on a Wednesday afternoon for Saturday. Thanks to the hubby for his indecision, I almost had a heart attack. I had read about Tag Team from Youngsmarties so decided to explore it.


Thankfully the team at Tag Team are very used to orgaising birthdays and other events, so we were able to confirm the birthday details very quickly. Phew! Crisis averted!

We invited the immediate family members for an hour of laser tag at Tag Team at East Coast Parkland. We booked the package for 10 pax, and a mix of adults and kids played laser tag for an hour. It doesn’t sound like a lot but an hour is quite a lot of running around! Thankfully we chose the air conditioned room because it was a blazing hot day and everyone was sweating even in the air con room!


The facilitators during the 1 hour session were fantastic – they even let my 4 year old run around with a weapon. Ok that sounds a bit wrong, but you get what I mean. She had fun running around even though her points were not being tallied. There were different types of play and short breaks inbetween.

What we liked about this venue was that they provide picnic tables outside of the venue for your use, in our case we booked the tables from 1-3pm, but actually no one was there before or after us, so we were not rushed. Tag Team do not provide any catering so you are free to do whatever you want – bring your own drinks, pizza, anything!

We had about 3-4 tables to ourselves!


Since we had approximately 16 people (including all the kids), we got Neo Garden to deliver a mini buffet to Tag Team, but we were on site to receive it directly from the delivery man. Since it was still CNY we even ordered lo hei. Neo Garden provided everything, from table cloths to rubbish disposal bags, so it was really VERY handy! They also have a large commercial fridge (like those in the convenience store for drinks) where they can help store your birthday cake, if not the reception is in an air con area, in case you have some mega five tier cake (just saying). Our cake was a traditional chocolate fudge cake homemade by my mum, which I have always thought is better than Lana’s, and she gives way less attitude than Lana.

Anyway. After playing laser tag and having lunch the kids were even able to run around the area. Thankfully all went well for this last minute and very simple party!

Tag Team east coast rates
If you don’t want to book the rooms you can also pay walk in rates (as of Feb 2017)

Tag Team have different room set ups at both their Downtown East and East Coast Park venues, so please do contact them to find out more.


Disclaimer: this party was in no way sponsored, because that’s just how we roll.


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