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Bromin Ergonomic School Bags

It’s that time of the year again, when school is out for the year! And very soon it’s time to start getting ready for school again (cue sobbing!).

Bromin Lite_Blue (1)Recently we were given a school bag by Bromin. It came at a really good time because although he already has an ergonomic bag, my younger son already has a posture problem, and I noticed he has been hunching while carrying his school bag. So I was keen to try out the Bromin bags which are touted to be lighter than the other ergonomic bags on the market – they weigh just under 0.7kg!

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.28.25 pm

When the bags arrived I was surprised by how light they really are! And it was  much lighter than the old bag after I transferred all the books over. The Bromin bag has several compartments, one of which is removable. I also like that the front pocket is large enough and has a compartment which can hold a water bottle – so the bag is not heavier on one side because of the water bottle. Please don’t ask me why the boys insist on carrying a full bottle to and from school?!

So far we have been really happy with the bag and I’m even thinking of buying one for my elder son and my niece.

I thought that the some of the finishing touches of the Bromin bag, such as the clips didn’t feel as sturdy. On the first day the son also complained that the straps were not so comfortable on his shoulders, but that was the first day, and since then I have not heard any complaints. The bag is not as customisable as our other ergonomic bags, my eldest has a  bag with shoulder straps that can even be adjusted to his height. BUT his bag is so heavy! And no, it is not a Dr. Something brand (I’ve never been impressed with those bags although they do have a wide range of fancy prints).

So while the Bromin might be less customisable, and the clips might be a tad plastic-ky for my liking, it is more reasonably priced (our other bag costs $40 more), I’m totally willing to forgo looks for a lighter bag that is better for the kids. Which is more important, fashion or function? I am going to go with functionality for sure!

The bags are reasonably priced under $90, and at the moment comes in only 2 limited designs and 2 colours each. I hope they will bring more designs and colours over time! What’s more is that Bromin is a home grown Singaporean label, developed by Gabriel Tay, who is a father himself.

Order on Bromin’s official website now. It is also available on Qoo10 Groupbuy and Lazada online stores, as well as Tom & Stefanie outlets at East Point Simei, Westmall Bukit Batok or One KM Mall.

Disclaimer: We were given a Bromin school bag, all opinions and weary backaches are 100% my own.

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