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Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1 Review & Giveaway!!

This is a guest post by my bigger little sister (that makes sense if you know us), as I’m so super fortunate I hardly get mosquitoes in my home. Cross fingers. Also I can’t write about mosquitoes without feeling squirmish, so here it is:

Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1


I’m here today to talk about the Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1. My sister had passed it to me to try it out, because unfortunately, we get a lot more mosquitoes that she does. Also as the resident mosquito attraction when she’s over, she thought it’d be a more effective way to see how well it works at my house. And if anything can help to keep the mosquitoes away, then I’m all for it.

Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1

But before I talk about the Goodaire, I want to talk a little about my sister.

The two of us have the sort of relationship where we’re constantly swapping things – I’ve passed her a stack of Primary 2 textbooks that my girl no longer needs, so that my nephew can use them. She passed Primary 3 assessment books to me, so that I can further torture, I mean, enhance my kid’s lessons. So through the years, there’s always been a give and take about the things we need, or want at that point in time.

I like it this way, because neither of us really keep track of who owes what – it simply is a relationship where if you have something the other needs, you hand it over. Once in a while, I also hand my kid over to her, and she gets returned at the end of the day, full of memories of family, and also knackered enough to go to sleep quickly (win-win, in my opinion).

The point is, really, that a relationship between siblings is never one-dimensional. There are multiple layers that you fulfill for each other on a daily basis.

What does this have to do with the Goodaire? Well, in many ways, the Goodaire is just like my sister. I’m not saying that she looks like it (that’s probably more me, than her), but the Goodaire is hardly a one-dimensional sort of a machine because it fulfills more than just one function – not only does it help to keep the mosquitoes away, it also filters and cleans the air at the same time.

Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1

What I do love about it is that it works efficiently, although a little nosily (strangely, again, just like my sister). The anti-mossie smell was fairly pleasant, and was never overwhelmingly unbearable. There’s also the option of lavender, but because I was trying to keep the mosquitoes away, and not put everyone to sleep, I ended up using the anti-mossie one more often. Also, the fact that it was filtering the air at the same time is a real bonus – we’ve been lucky enough not to have been hit by haze this year, but if we do, I’ll be happy to have an extra helper in the house filtering all that muck out of the air.

Random note – the kids loved the fact that you can change the LED colour, and that’s what will probably happen each time they walk past one. So be prepared to hear the Goodaire dinging a lot when that happens.

In short – the Goodaire is good, it’s helpful and it works. I’m not entirely sure how long the cartridges last, but I do know what we did get less mosquitoes. It didn’t get rid of them entirely but there was significantly less around to bother us. And it’s something that I’ll definitely keep using.


Post script by MummyEd: I wanted to have the Goodaire at my sister’s place becuase I’d have had enough of getting bitten while over there. And it can also be controlled by a smartphone app! Also it comes with Lavender cartridges so apart from knocking out mossies, technically it could also knock your kids out at bedtime perhaps?!phone-app

I was impressed with the Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1 enough to want to buy the handy Air Atomizer P1 just to have that extra protection when I’m outdoors. I’ll probably still continue to use my mosquito spray and/or sunblock spray just because I’m super kiasu like that. If you would like to know more about the dangers of dengue, click here.

You can buy the Goodaire online. Use the code MUMMYED for a 10% discount!


ALSO! We are giving away a whole Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1 worth S$399! Is that a good deal or what?! Enter the giveaway HERE.

You can also gain more chances of winning by joining the Instagram giveaway – head over to the MummyEd Instagram and follow me there, and follow Goodaire on Instagram too.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only one winner will be chosen from both FB and IG.
  • Contest will end 23 Dec 2017 midnight, winners will be drawn subsequently
  • Winners who do not respond within 2 days will have to forfeit their prize to the next drawn winner.

Disclaimer: I was given a Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1, all opinions and mosquito bites are 100% my own.

3 thoughts on “Goodaire Air Revitalizer H1 Review & Giveaway!!

  1. I need something like goodaire for our living area to clean the air and keep out mozzie as my area is prone to dengue! Can’t be lugging the air purifiers out from the room and bringing them back at night. Haha. Will be great to have this!


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