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One of my last posts was about how to get from Singapore to Hokkaido, and I was surprised that so many people were interested in it! Thank you for all the love and interest! I am also so happy that our Kyushu posts have been helpful to many readers, and as we are currently planning our third trip to Kyushu, so I thought I would also share what I’ve uncovered so far on flights.


Before we begin, just to get things straight, here’s a map of where Kyushu really is.


And here’s where the major cities are.

Getting from Singapore to Kyushu
At the H.I.S. Travel seminar on Kagoshima – the slides are actually on how to get to Kagoshima, but also useful to getting to other parts of Kyushu

1. Direct flight by Singapore Airlines

This is a no brainer really. SQ operates a daily red eye from Singapore to Fukuoka. You get in bright and early at 0820 hours after a 6 hour flight, which isn’t much sleep, so we don’t usually plan too much on the first day. Arriving in early unfortunately also means that the returning flight departs early at 1000 hours (or recently I think it’s now 0950!). So we usually plan to rent a car from the airport on the first day and drive out to the other cities, and stay in Fukuoka city for the last leg of our journey.

For our first trip we decided to go to Fukuoka because of this direct SQ flight, and also at that time we paid a ridiculous amount of SGD$40+ in taxes for redeeming an economy flight.

2. Chartered direct flights


Occasionally there are direct chartered flights, such as the upcoming direct Silkair flight from Singapore to Kagoshima on 24 March 2018 (returning 28 March 2018) exclusively with H.I.S. Travel. Kagoshima is the largest city in the most southern part of Kyushu, and you could also get there by driving from Fukuoka (or wherever else in Japan, if you have the time), or you can even take a shinkansen (or two) from Tokyo. However, there are really so many sights to see and so many things to do all over Japan that it does make some sense if you want to target a specific area and spend your time there. We will be heading there in a few months time, and I’m sure we won’t be disappointed! Silkair used to do chartered flights to Okinawa but Okinawa deserves a whole post on its own. Do check out the 24 March Silkair flight, you might even catch the sakura there too!

H.I.S. Travel often work with airlines to charter flights so do keep your eyes out for them, even for other destinations and not just Kyushu. Their Kagoshima seminar was really interesting for me and I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for future seminars if you have plans to visit Japan.

3. ANA or JAL with stopovers in Tokyo or another Japanese city

Do read my post on Flights from Singapore to Hokkaido, where I discuss more about the flexibility or hassle of going through Tokyo. Geographically Fukuoka is closest to us so it doesn’t really make sense to stop over in any other major city there, unless you do have the time to travel. The current closest hub to Kyushu would be Hiroshima, which Silkair flies direct to 3 times a week.

This image taken from the Japan by Japan website is a good summary. (P.s. They also recommend taking a direct flight :D)

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.32.06 pm

4. Stopovers in other international destinations

For all our Kyushu trips, we didn’t consider these options because they were longer, and we felt that even if they are cheaper, unless they are A LOT cheaper, it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

You can consider flying through Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, and Seoul that would have the most direct route with more flight options, or other cities like Manila, Bangkok, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

5. Shinkansen

Ok so this isn’t a flight at all, but yes you can get a shinkansen ALL the way from Hakodate in Hokkaido to Kagoshima in Kyushu (wow I didn’t even intend that alliteration!).

Check out this super cute map I came up with on Google Maps.


I leave you with one of my favourite photos from our last trip. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question to the Mummy Ed Travel Agency (just kidding), and I’ll try to help if I can.



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