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Teachnlearn: Online Tutoring

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We were invited to review online tuition platform TeachnLearn recently, and we attended a few classes on this platform.

We are no strangers to online tuition. We have been with Connected Learning for some time now, attending their web based Chinese Tuition. A few months ago we were also invited to an introduction to Class Do, an online platform which can also be utilized for tuition purposes, as well as other business uses (an insurance broker told us about how he uses it to conduct video meetings with his clients).

I have written about the pros and cons of online learning here and here, but in a summary I would just like to say that having tuition online is just super convenient. Especially when you have more than one child and everyone has their own activities and schedules! I also think that the kids like the novelty of doing it online, and being in their own home environment might be better for some shy kids. Of course it isn’t always the perfect medium – sometimes there are technical difficulties or children can slack off a bit when you’re not eye balling them. I think parents also need to consider their child’s personality, learning needs, and subject.

We tried TeachnLearn for a few sessions in October. It was before the exams and I felt that my P4 boy needed help to brush up on the key words needed to answer the open ended questions from Paper 2 for Science.

Sample of a session

I looked through the TeachnLearn site but they have so many tutors I really didn’t know where to start! So I went back to them, discussed my intentions with the TeachnLearn coordinators and they gave me a few suggestions for tutors. That made the task much easier. I looked through their profiles and was able to very easily check their schedules online and cross check that with our family’s schedule. I picked out one tutor but his schedule didn’t fit our timing, so I moved on to the next one.

Some of the tutors on TeachnLearn have many slots available so it was easy for me to choose something suited to our timing. As the sessions are one on one, you are not confined to specific days or specific time slots or a specific duration. I found this easy to use especially since I have only specific periods of time when we are free. It was also during the week right before exams and the week after I’d delivered my fourth baby, so it would have been impossible if we would have had to travel anywhere.

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After selecting a tutor and slot, I waited for the tutor to accept the slots. I snapped some photos of work that he’d done and emailed that across to the tutor.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 5.44.53 pm

During the session the tutor went through the questions that I’d sent to her. On hindsight I should have been more specific about what I wanted – I would have much more preferred if she had gone through each topic, revised the keywords for that topic, and selected some questions for my son to attempt. But it was a good reinforcement nonetheless and at least I know what I want next time.

Although it didn’t take long, we had to spend some time initially with getting used to the interface. The tutor requested my son to type out his answers, which I felt took up quite a bit of time since he has not learnt how to type on a QWERTY keyboard, and needed to get used to the interface. If I were to do it again I might request that my son write out his answers on paper and show that to the teacher instead.

Each session is saved onto the server and can be accessed for viewing. Actually it was my son who told me about this function and he even took the initiative to review his lessons and even took down notes from them. You can also download what was written on the whiteboard as PDF files, to keep or print for reference. I thought this it would be good for parents to also review the sessions if they are not able to be present during the actual TeachnLearn session.


Sample of PDF and son’s “handwriting”

Looking for convenient tuition sessions for your primary and secondary school child?

*Back To School* Promotion!

To help you kick start the year and get the best tutor for your child, *teachnlearn* is offering a back-to-school promotion where you get 50% off your first lesson booking! Apply promo code *MUMMYED50* at payment for your first lesson!

Here are some T&Cs to note:

  • Minimum of one 30-minute lesson.
  • Tutoring lessons must be conducted using teachnlearn online classroom.
  • Lessons booked must be completed by 31st January 2019.
  • Limit to 1 redemption per student.
  • Not valid with any other promotions.

Hopefully you can benefit from the help of TNL trusted tutors!

Disclaimer: We were invited to try out Teachnlearn.

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