Tian Wei Signature Confinement Catering


Fourth time round, I decided that I would be extra dilligent during confinement as I’m getting older. I can really feel age catching up with me, and I’m glad I didn’t plan any full month party because I was just FAR TOO exhausted!


This confinement, I also had Tian Wei Signature deliver me confinement meals twice a day for 2 weeks. They delivered the two meals separately twice a day (obviously) in a cooler bag so the meals were warm but not hot when I received them, just nice for eating straight away if I wanted. Only on one or two occasions was there a slight spillage in the bags, otherwise they were all usually very clean.

Each meal also came with 2 cups of red date tea, and between the 4 cups of tea they sent me a day, and the tea that my MIL brewed for me, I had trouble finishing up so much tea! But I loved the sweet teas so I didn’t mind it.

Each meal comes with 2 dishes, one starch and one soup. The portions were more than enough for a hungry mother. Overall the food was good, although there were one or two dishes that I didn’t fancy as much as others, but that’s inevitable out of 28 dishes (14 days x 2 meals) that they had to make for me, but there were no dishes that I refused to eat.


The dishes didn’t have a very strong ginger taste and palatable enough for even the kids. The salmon dishes didn’t have a fishy taste, but then I quite like salmon. They were also quite generous with things like wood ear fungus and vegetables, which I love. It was tough to keep the kids off my food because everyone wanted to try some!

Some of the soups were quite unusual, at least to me, but all were yummy. Except of course, the ones which are meant to be bitter like the Sheng Hua Tang. On a few select days the soup was a dessert which was equally yummy! You can find more sample menus on their website.

I especially liked that there was western dishes as it was a nice change from all the Chinese dishes. One of the dishes even came with spaghetti!

I also liked how they varied the starch as many times the rice was mixed with some other ingredients – including other grains, quinoa, millet and barley! I’m definitely going to try incorporating them into my meals too.

You can find more sample menus on the Tian Wei Signature website. Be warned though, you will end up drooling! You can also order their trial meal, which comes with 2 sets pictured as below. It’s way too much for one person and good for 2 pax or 3 small eaters.

Overall impressions? I like how Tian Wei Signature seem to have put a lot of thought into their dishes, and I would choose them if you would like to have a mix of traditional dishes as well as Western ones. I do think that they are also a great choice for healthy catered meals even if you are not in confinement. Unlike the tingkat I ordered previously for only 4 days x 2 weeks and got really very bored of the food, I wouldn’t mind ordering from Tian Wei Signature again!

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