Fabshape Fablife Shapewear Review




I am 7 months postpartum after 4 kids and although I am not too body conscious, it’s definitely taken a toll on my aging body to have been expanding and contracting so much, although not as much as I’d like it! Now that baby is slightly older, I have some time to think about my own needs before everything starts to degenerate 😀

We were invited to an introduction of the various range of products from FabLife with founder Alice at their cozy office, to view their the FabShape lingerie range and a private lingerie fitting session. I was a bit skeptical at first, because there are just so many lingerie brands out there, how different could be the FabLife ones be?

Overall it was a really good experience. I left FabLife with not just a new set of lingerie (and I purchased another set too), but with a whole new understanding of our bodies.

Photo credit:Fablife. Because this is NOT me!! haha.

Firstly, Alice took my measurements and explained how the body changes, especially after childbirth and breastfeeding. Mothers will understand when I say, things are never the same after having kids!


She explained what a good bra support can do, and how to wear a bra properly to prevent sagging. It was interesting to hear of her client’s testimonies and how their measurements have changed over time from using FabShape shapewear!

She also told us how to prevent back fats, you know those lumpy bits at your back near the armpits? Well the answer is to pull in the fats and tuck them into your bra! These fatty parts are very hard to get rid of, even exercise can’t help a lot, although I do know that lipo massage can help reduce it somewhat, I’m definitely going to be trying out her tips.

She also got us to try on a few different cuts of FabShape bras to see which types were more suitable. The bras are made with several purposes in mind, which might include (depending on bra types) :

Photo: Fablife. Also not me :p
  • Gentle, skin-friendly, ultra soft.
  • 3D memory padding to ensure superior lift
  • Sweat-absorbent and breathable
  • Proper shaping and adjustment of bust by effective “gathering” of breasts.
  • Prevention of breast sagging, and breast going sideways, and helps to shape the “double” meat on the side chest.
  • Non wired / seamless for full comfort and outline invisibility.
  • Prevent and battle breast-related diseases

If you think you’re flat-ish like we ALL did, well, ALL of us were very surprised, or perhaps I should say SHOCKED at what a good bra can do! Alice’s philosophy is not just about making the breasts look bigger but also making sure the whole upper body is well supported including less hunching, which often happens from hunching over to breastfeed and carrying those heavy babies around. I know that bralettes are all the rage now, but if you’re no longer as young, nubile and perky as you used to be, you might want to consider otherwise and make sure you are well supported. Also bralettes don’t help with armpit and back fat!


It was a really educational experience at FabLife for me, and I think it’s particularly helpful that the entire FabShape experience is personalized. We are all of different shapes and sizes and for sure bras cannot be one size fits all.


Apart from FabShape shapewear, FabLife also retails a range of facial products and health supplements. We tried the Venna Rice Spa, which I really like as it’s an all natural product, smells great, and you can see the after effects straight away! I bought a box of the rice spa and have been using it at home. It is a fantastic all rounder, good for fine lines and spots, whitening, acne..the list goes on.

If you’re interested to find out more, do head over to their Instagram which is very informative, and Facebook page to make an appointment today.


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Disclaimer: Thank you FabLife for having us and sharing so much knowledge with us!

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