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Melodious Cove Student Care Centre review

Recently we were invited to tour a relatively new student care centre, Melodious Cove. I’m always interested to find out what student cares are like. If we were reviewing a normal student care centre, it would probably consist of a tour of the premises, but we spent quite a bit of time over two days at Melodious Cove, getting to know their unique programmes.

Melodious Cove is located at The Grandstand, and the students mostly arrive from the schools by school bus. As you might know, The Grandstand is in a very quiet part of the central area. Melodious Cove has very large open spaces, a high ceiling at some parts, and a lot of natural light and greenery outside.

The environment is cozy, away from the hustle and bustle, and really doesn’t feel like a part of Singapore. Which I think is great that the kids have this kind of relaxed environment to come to after a long day at school.

Melodious Cove offers exclusive enrichment programmes under their Daily Dose of Fun Learning approach, such as life skills in the form of public speaking, financial literacy, and social-emotional learning sessions, and of course the essential English, Math, and Chinese sessions. These classes are offered by carefully selected external vendors so you can be assured of the quality of the classes.

We sat in on the public speaking class, which I was really interested in attending because my daughter is very very shy. I always tell the kids that communication, whether it is verbal or written, is extremely important because it is no use if you have ideas but unable to convey these ideas across to people. And so I think that speaking confidently is an essential skill to have and to start learning from young.

As part of the Public Speaking class, the children had to stand in front of the group to give an introduction of their names, schools, and which was their favourite subject. It sounds simple but can be unnerving for some kids who are more shy, so I like how the group is small, relaxed, and encouraging so that it’s overall less intimidating for the shy ones! My daughter didn’t want to go up, and a girl offered to stand with her at the front of the class, which I thought was really sweet. Another girl didn’t want to do the presentation, and the same girl offered to go up with her too, but she still declined, and the facilitator told her they could try again next week when she was ready.

During the class, the children were able to move around quite freely, which I’m sure they enjoy because they are probably sitting a lot all throughout the day in school! The class is for an hour, which as just about right for the P1 and P2s’ attention span. You can find some Public Speaking tips on the Melodious Cove blog here.

The other class we attended was English, and I was struck by how beautiful the worksheets were. Of course I did look at the content too, but more engaging graphics are a welcome change from just words words words. Each class is thematic, based on a particular theme for the week. In the week we attended the theme was horses, and there were many interesting facts about horses that I never knew, as well as excerpts from literary pieces (on theme, of course) for exercise such as Comprehension Cloze. To make the class more interactive, the teacher used visual aids to conduct part of the lesson. I like that this approach allows them to broaden their general knowledge and hone their language skills at the same time.

After the two sessions, I came away with some thoughts. Firstly, that Melodious Cove is especially convenient for parents as it provides and oversees enrichment programmes in the centre (on top of the daily homework assistance), run by specialists, so that weekends are freed up from scurrying around to educational classes. Melodious Cove offers these classes because they believe strongly in family time on the weekends. I am from the same school of thought because I always try to make sure to look for, or schedule classes only on weekdays, so that weekends are family time and we have the flexibility to do whatever we want.


For my kids, we are lucky to be able to walk to our English and Chinese classes, and we used to only do a weekly art class run, which was tiring enough (the kids had to give that up when baby came along!). I don’t know how some parents can be shuttling up and down to and fro to so many classes for different kids.


Additionally, Melodious Cove does offer an optional dinner service. It is really not easy for working parents to squeeze in time to cook on weekdays (even thinking of what to cook can be a hassle), and I personally don’t think it’s healthy for my children to eat too much “outside food”, so dinners at Melodious Cove could be a convenient and more healthy option for some families.

Secondly, I liked how Melodious Cove is cozy and currently has a small, tightly knit group of kids, and in that way, it is a centre that is more nurturing than larger cookie cutter student care centres. The MSF guidelines state that the staff to child ratio be no more than 1:25, and Melodious Cove is really well below that. I think this is particularly important for children in P1 and P2 because primary school is really such a big change for these little kids and they really need all the attention they can get outside of school, where there are already about 30 in a class.

Thirdly, I really like the story behind Melodious Cove – that it was founded by three passionate mothers, who have their hearts in the right place. On one occasion I met one of the founders as well as her daughter who attends Melodious Cove. So you know that they have a vested interest in the student care, and are parents with children in the same age group as us.


I’m currently not in the market for a student care centre, but if I was I would definitely consider Melodious Cove! Of course, don’t just take my word for it, do contact Melodious Cove for more information or a tour if you are looking for a student care centre. Here’s also sharing a comparison price table (between choosing a student care centre which provides basic student care services with a mid range versus a high end enrichment centre fees):

Screenshot 2019-09-16 at 10.07.11 PM

Looking at the total cost, the one-stop service offering which Melodious Cove offers (basic care, meals, enrichment and life skills classes) is truly value for money.

Thank you Melodious Cove for having us (and baby!) in your classes and at your centre. It certainly was an eye-opener.

Just to share, Melodious Cove has a upcoming event.
Tea Session: What’s your child’s love language?
12 October 2019 | 10am to 12pm
Every child has a primary language of love. Made popular by Dr. Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell, the 5 languages of love range from “Quality Time” to “Words of Affirmation”.
Call to register your interest for a complimentary tea session hosted by one of Melodious Cove’s founders, Kelly Ong, who will be sharing on how you can connect with your child by discovering he/she loves.
Call 67670388 or WhatsApp us at 87807499 to register or fill up the form below for your interest. The first 10 registrants will receive $150 worth of Educational and Shopping Vouchers!
*T&C apply.

About Melodious Cove
Melodious Cove is a premium after school care birthed and cradled by three passionate, loving mothers who desire to create a safe learning haven. Holding steadfast to “family-oriented-ness”, the founders believed that weekends should be enjoyed together as a family and that children can have the time to pursue their interests and develop their talents. Hence, Melodious Cove aims to support families in preserving family time through injecting a “Daily Dose of Fun Learning” in their after-school care programme.
Should you need more information, these are the social media sites you can pay a visit to:

200 Turf Club Road

The Grandstand
Singapore 287994
Tel: 6767 0388

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