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Melodious Cove Student Care Centre review

Recently we were invited to tour a relatively new student care centre, Melodious Cove. I’m always interested to find out what student cares are like. If we were reviewing a normal student care centre, it would probably consist of a tour of the premises, but we spent quite a bit of time over two days… Continue reading Melodious Cove Student Care Centre review


Tian Wei Signature Confinement Catering

Fourth time round, I decided that I would be extra dilligent during confinement as I’m getting older. I can really feel age catching up with me, and I’m glad I didn’t plan any full month party because I was just FAR TOO exhausted! This confinement, I also had Tian Wei Signature deliver me confinement meals… Continue reading Tian Wei Signature Confinement Catering

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Ganbanyoku 岩盤浴 – Japanese Hot Stone Therapy

We were invited to a therapy session at Ganbanyoku at Far East Plaza, and it was my first time experience at a rock spa. I’ve not ever tried it, not even in Japan, so it was all new to me! View this post on Instagram Tried Ganbanyoku hot stone therapy last weekend and loved it!… Continue reading Ganbanyoku 岩盤浴 – Japanese Hot Stone Therapy