Style Essence Giveaway results

After our lovely makeover session organized by Style Essence, they were so enthusiastic to help change more lives that they’re giving away three makeover sessions to my readers. Aww, I feel so loved! And privileged! Thank you, Flo Mummy!

So here are the winners, picked by my little sweetheart who almost refused to give me the papers I’d written the names on because she wanted to eat them. So in no particular order, please keep your Oscar speech short, are:

  • Agy
  • S Lee
  • Seow Shi

Woohoo! I hope you’ll find the workshop useful. I think my skin is already slowly getting better from learning how to wash my face the correct way (wth have I been doing all these years?! Argh!), and I’ve needed to update a lot of my facial care and makeup items (because they have a shelf life), so it was very timely session for me.

Style Essence will contact you regarding the details of the workshop.


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