Lent 2013

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Ok we are already a good one-third through Lent, it’s been on my mind to figure out what I want to give up this year. Previous years I gave up things like caffeine, which was of course easier when I was also preggers. But now with 3 kids and random naps, sometimes I really really need that cuppa.

Recently I’ve been finding things a little chaotic at home – I thought it would only get easier as Scout grows older, but with her getting heavier and more clingy and demanding more attention, it sometimes feels as if I have no time to do anything, and my body feels as if it’s 5 or more years older than it really is. We’ve also been trying to plan some holidays so we’ve been spending a lot of time discussing and researching, and sometimes I’d be researching independently because we can’t agree on where to go (first world problems, right??). And then I’m so behind in my work – there are a few things I’m supposed to be doing but am always avoiding it, so I really should get down to it.

So I’ve decided that this Lent, I will give up blogging for a month. Some people might think, “Cheh, liddat also can meh?” but I think actively giving it up will help remind me to focus my time on the kids, and the little things that I need to do (like getting a contractor to come make me bathroom stands, etc.). And maybe I’ll try giving up unnecessary sugar this year too. Does chocolate count as unnecessary sugar? Hmm…

See you in April 🙂


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